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Remote Support


We offer a 'remote support' service, which allows us to connect to your computer over the internet, and resolve issues - while you watch. You remain in total control and can stop the session at any time, with a single mouse click.

The only requirement is a broadband internet connection.

Quick Start Guide

That's it - we do the rest.


Once tried - you'll never want to wait for engineer visits again, or have to unplug everything and take it round to a shop.

Very popular in America and Europe, this service is finally gaining ground here in the UK - and it's easy to see why:

We routinely fix problems in less time than it took to read this page - remotely

Detailed Information

How to Install & use the Connection Software

Please note that you will still need to call UKtech to arrange a time for us to help you.

To install, just download and double click the file "support-agent.exe"

Nothing will appear to happen on screen - but the software will install itself, and a small icon will appear in the Windows System Tray. (Bottom right, near the clock, the icon looks like Remote monitoring agent ).

To use simply double click this icon, and then click on the connect button.

About the connection software

The connection software is a very small, free application that uses almost no resources and once installed, you will not need to install it again.

The program icon sits in your Windows System Tray, and does nothing until you request help - by double clicking the icon and then clicking on the 'Connect' button.

You will still need to call UKtech to arrange a time for the session, and can sit and watch onscreen - while we investigate and fix your problem. Alternatively, you can leave us to it - we will call you when the job is completed.

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