Computer Backup

Your First Line of Defence

Why Backup?

Computer systems wear out, get stolen, crash and become infected with viruses, ransomware and malware. It's not 'if' but when - and all of us have documents, photos, music and other files that we'd rather not lose.

A quick call ensures peace of mind - 07805 540 588

A professional backup solution allows you to recover your lost files and folders - with a minimum of effort.

Even if your whole computer was lost or destroyed (e.g. theft / fire / virus) - you could recover all your photos, music, documents etc. to a new machine.

Home Backup

Providing Complete Peace of Mind

UKtech can provide complete bespoke solutions - tailored to your specific needs, or you can simply choose one of our support packages below. We advise you on the best solution and configure everything for you.

Bronze £39

Economical solution that sets-up fast. Perfect for a single computer setup

  • Remote Installation
  • Software Only
  • Cloud Based
  • User Training

Silver £75

Use your own hardware and let us do the rest!

  • On-Site Visit
  • YOUR Hardware
  • Software Set-Up
  • Testing
  • User Training

Gold £159

Complete Turnkey Solution

We provide everything!

  • On-Site Visit
  • Hardware Installation
  • 2TB USB Hard Drive
  • Software Set-up
  • Testing
  • User Training

Business Backup Solutions

Do you require large volumes of data to be protected, or multiple computers? UKtech can supply fully scalable backup solutions - to meet any need - and will be happy to provide a competitive quote.


  • Save money - vastly reduced downtime
  • Improved system security - stop hackers in their tracks
  • Automatic software updates - always be up to date
  • Antivirus monitoring - ensures best system performance
  • Managed system patching - keeps the operating system fully secure
  • Monitored backups - your first and best line of defence

Call UKtech and remove the hassle of IT maintenance - 07805 540 588