Simple Pricing Solutions

Uktech specialises in providing proactive computer support services - remotely. This is very cost effective and fast - we regularly provide a solution in under an hour. There are no hidden costs or add-ons, we always inform you of any cost - up-front, so that you can decide whether to proceed.

Remote Support Services

The fault diagnosis is free and the fix costs £19!

This covers the first hour of remote technical support. In the rare event that it will take longer, or require some hardware or a site visit, we will provide you with a competitive quote. We do not charge for hardware for software, you only pay for our service time - i.e. our technical expertise. Any hardware or software required is provided at cost, without markups.


Remote Support

From £19

Free diagnosis, free software, very cheap, nothing to unplug, evenings and weekends, strong encryption

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Backup & Security

From £39

No backup? Worried about online security or scams? Let us provide the solution.

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System Tune Up


Slow computer? Hanging or crashing regularly? Let us speed up your machine and get it running smoothly!

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Managed Services

Your computer will be maintained, patched, updated and secure - automatically!

We also offer a comprehensive range of managed services that can be tailored to your requirements and adjusted with ease. You can add or remove service 'modules' at your leisure. Straightforward and efficient.

Remote Management

Monitor your computer hardware 24/7 and prevent issues before they become major headaches.

It's totally unobtrusive, ensuring everything just 'works' seamlessly.

Sharing & Networking

Share documents & information securely - we can get everyone connected.

Working from home? Road Warrior?

Let us provide the solution.

Backup & Security

When disaster strikes, it's critical to be able to recover as quickly as possible. Stolen computer? Virus? Identity fraud?

We can remove the dangers and secure your computer - for a hassle free life!