What is Remote Support?

We offer a 'remote support' service, which allows us to connect to your computer over the internet, and resolve issues - while you watch.

You remain in complete control - we have no access to your computer - until you authorise a remote session - you can stop the session at any time, with a single mouse click.

If you would like, you can keep the free remote support software - for future use. Or you can simply just email, text or call UKtech and we will uninstall it for you.

Quick Start Guide

  • Book a time with UKtech - 07805 540 588
  • Install the free software - link in header above (Or we can do it for you)
  • That's it - we do the rest.


  • Free diagnosis & consultation
  • Free remote support software
  • It's fast - never wait for engineer visits again
  • Very cheap - no site visit required
  • Nothing to unplug and carry to a shop
  • Evenings and weekends to suit you
  • Military grade encryption